Initial Post for EME 2040


Through my college experience I have taken 5 different technology courses. At one point I considered majoring in ICT at FSU because working on the computer comes very naturally to me. However, I have very little interest in it. While I do enjoy all the wonderful things technology can do, I do not enjoy coding and creating webpages. With that said, I am able to work most technological devices even if I have never used it before. This online class should be very manageable to me in regards to the online aspect of the class.

From this class I hope to learn how best to incorporate technology into my classroom. As I will be working with students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, technology is often a big part of their lives. I would like to learn how to best cater to their needs and use technology to aid in their educational journey. I would like to be able to video record my lectures and post them for my students to see if they missed a day, and also be able to record them presenting information so they are able to watch themselves and learn visually. 

I was not surprised to see the results of my learning styles as I have taken tests similar to this before. I definitely know I am a strong visual learner, which makes sense as it pertains to my career choice. The test concluded I am an active learner and enjoy doing things rather than watching them be done, which is most certainly true. The test also said I am a sensing learner which means I enjoy learning facts over theories, which I agree with. This has been proved to me through my grades in different courses: for example I performed much better in a technology class where I was dependent on cause and effect, and I performed worse in philosophy which depended strictly on theory. Finally the test stated I am a global learner and therefore depend on learning the big picture before I can master the small details. 

Learning Style Result

Learning Style Result


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